For over 25 years, D&P Technologies, Inc. has provided and continues to provide exceptional combustion service, calibrations, and equipment to satisfied customers in a wide variety of industries.


It is our philosophy at D&P Technologies, Inc. to build relationships with our customers and to support them by providing prompt service, quality workmanship, and reliable products.  At D&P Technologies, Inc. we strive to learn new ways to improve and uphold our quality of service and sales.




D&P Technologies, Inc. takes pride in the excellent service we provide to our customers.  Our team of motivated and qualified professionals is dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of every customer.  D&P Technologies, Inc. sells and repairs equipment ranging from, but not limited to, flame safety, combustion equipment, chart recorders, and controls.  D&P Technologies, Inc. can design and construct control panels to fit every customer’s need.  Our services also include retrofitting control panels, combustion, installation, start-up, and refractory.




D&P Technologies, Inc. provides knowledgeable, experienced service technicians to provide quality calibrations for all of your instruments, furnaces and ovens.  Our calibrations include control instrumentation, calibrators, thermocouples, potentiometers, weld rods, and flux ovens.  We also perform temperature uniformity surveys.  Calibrations and certifications are performed in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 Certification, Process Management System Manual, Military Specifications, and traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology.




Phone:  (713) 691-2458

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Physical Address:  5715 Martha Lane, Houston, Texas 77032


President – Duane G. Osterhaus, Sr.:

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